#CPSATDAY – how is it helping the testing community move into selenium automation

CP-SAT day mission is to help a non-coder/ a manual testing engineer to learn and start swimming into automation world




The basic agenda  – which is completely hands on involves the following

  1. Java and eclipse setup/readiness
  2. Firefox and chrome setup
  3. Selenium webdriver jar file integration and running the first selenium program
    • Understanding By – locators
    • Understanding WebElements
    • Understanding actions on WebElements
  4. Exercise is given to participants to implement their own program, after working with a sample in 3 above
  5. Look and setup junit integration with eclipse
  6. Running the two examples with junit
  7. Test NG setup and integration
  8. Running the already created examples with Test NG
  9. If time permits
    • Running suite from junit
    • Running suite from Test NG
    • Parameter passing from Test NG

The agenda has been designed such that all the participants get their environment setup, post this it is extremely easy for them to understand and implement more sample code. The biggest advantage is that all those who are afraid of coding and automation get this fear out of their systems.

In the new changing world, testers need to add technical skills to their skill set. The program helps achieve this by setting a foundation for everyone to start learning and practice more.

Some of the feedback from recent cp-sat day are as below





















Many organizations have supported us – and we are looking forward to more and more organization who can help us host CPSATday in their organizations

Following are the organizations who have come up and supported this great community initiative

  • Cynosure





  • Fujitsu






  • QAAgility 





Not only the host organization get the credit for being a supporter for this community initiative, the host organization can nominate a significant number from their organization to attend the CP-SAT Day at absolutely no cost. For others their is a nominal charge of 500/- INR – allowing ATA to cover some travel and trainer expenses if any.

CPSATDay is always looking for supporters

  1. hosting organizations
  2. community selenium experts who can help us run this event as a mentor/trainer
  3. local volunteers who can step in for logistics and other help

if you want to help in any way, please get in touch with 


Some highlights that the CPSAT programs bring are as follows



Please visit our cpsat page for cp-sat day urls for more details



Happy Learnings

CPSAT and ATA team



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