CPDOF – Unique DevOps Certification

Lot of practitioners say DevOps is more about mindset or cultural shift and less about tools.

With two decades of Industry experience and as a coach and certified trainer of DevOps I tend to agree that till a point DevOps is about mindset change but once that hurdle is crossed (which is not an easy journey) tools become very important. In addition, I think having a good practical knowledge of DevOps tools and experiencing their ease of use can help overcome the hurdle of “this is not my job” mindset towards a more flexible approach.

With help of DevOps Alliance, we have come up with this unique course in industry called “Certified Professional – DevOps Foundation” to give a full hands-on experience of CI / CD pipeline implementation of DevOps.

As there are plethora of tools for each of the phase of DevOps pipeline but considering that we must give practical experience in three days of training (including certification) so we have chosen one open source tool for each phase after due diligence.

The course is designed and delivered in a very practical manner with less then 5% of time spent on presentation. Majority of the time of the course is being spent on hands on with a simple java program and taking it through all phases of DevOps lifecycle as below:

• SCM Of Java using GIT and Gitlab
• Build with Maven,
• Unit Testing with Junit
PMD for Code Inspection
Cobertura for Code Coverage
Jenkins for CI
Tomcat as webserver
Jfrog Artifactory for Artifact Management
Shell Script and Ansible for Deployment
Selenium for Integration Testing
Docker and Kubernetes for Infrastructure Management
Nagios for Monitoring

I have successfully delivered this course in multiple geographies including India, Cyprus, Ireland and Spain. Nearly 90+ professionals with varied background including QA, Development, Infra, Operations and Program management have been successfully certified by me. I have got very good feedback by most of the participants as they could practically experience the complete CI / CD pipeline in these three days and are trying now to implement the same in their own projects.

I would say that learning is an ongoing journey and I am looking forward to starting this journey with more people very soon. Kindly refer to https://cpdof.devopsppalliance.org/ for updates

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